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Vizlib Filter is a highly customisable, supported and easy-to-use filter component for Qlik Sense to make selections in the data model. It supports different views as Listbox, Buttongroup and Dropdown and provides you with a lot of features as custom styling options, interactivity options, one-selected-value, default-values and many more.

Officially accredited Extension by Qlik

Vizlib Filter
Vizlib Filter

Vizlib Filter

Vizlib Filter

Vizlib Filter

Vizlib Filter is a control component extension and helps you handle and present date fields in a much more user-friendly way, allowing you to build intuitive and compelling dashboards for your users.


  1. Three different component types supported: Listbox, Dropdown, Buttongroup 
  2. One selected value option as well as default selections 
  3. Support of all Qlik filtering possibilities, including locking fields, selecting excluded and alternative 
  4. Qlik Selection state aware 
  5. Export Field values to XLS and copy cell value on right-click
  6. Powerful and user-friendly search functionality which 100% leverages the Qlik Engine API
  7. Conditional show&hide of filter values
  8. Vizlib rich formatting options to style your filter to your company brand 
  9. Responsive mode for dynamic screen resolutions 

Download the Vizlib Filter here.

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