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Vizlib Filter Properties - Settings - Listbox

If you're using Vizlib Filter and select the Listbox option in Settings, you'll display the filter in Listbox format. 


Listbox Presentation

When you select the display type Listbox (Figure 1), the Listbox Presentation settings will open. You can choose to show a Selection Bar, set Responsive mode, and customise a Popup position. You can also choose a dropdown Style (LED, Tick and Checkbox are currently available), set the Tick Position, and customize a Background Type and Background Color

Figure 1: Listbox Presentation

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Listbox Styling

In the Listbox Styling settings (Figure 2), you can choose a Border Style, set the Border Width, enable or disable specific parts with the Border Selector, and set a Border Color and Global Radius.

Figure 2: Listbox Styling

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Cell Styling

In the Cell Styling settings (Figure 3) you can customize the Height, and set a Height Mode. In Font Properties, you can set the Font Size, Font Family and Font Style, select a Cell Alignment, use a Row Border and set the Border Thickness and Border Style, and customize a Coloring Type.

Figure 3: Cell Styling

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In the Header settings (Figure 4) you can set some Title Text, choose a Text Color and Background Color, select a Caption Alignment, and use the Caption Font Settings to set the Font Size, Font Family and Font Style. You can also select any Vizlib Actions you want to use.

Figure 4: Header

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