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Vizlib KPI Designer Properties - Appearance, Global Actions



Appearance settings help you you can style the look and feel of the KPI object. In the General settings (Figure 1), you can add a Title, Subtitle, Footnote, set a Toggle off hover menu, and Show details related to the dimensions and measures in the chart.

Figure 1: General

You can also apply Container Styling settings (Figure 2), setting a Background Color, Background opacity, choose to Hide header on Focus if you don't want the header displayed when the object refreshes. 

Figure 2: Container Styling

With the Border settings (Figure 3), you can use the Border Selector to apply a border, set a Border Style, Border Color, Border Width, and Border Radius

Figure 3: Border Settings

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Global Actions

In Vizlib KPI Designer, you can define Vizlib Actions in a single layer, or for the entire KPI object. In Global Actions (Figure 4), you can add one or multiple actions which apply to the KPI Object, and override individual layer actions. Use the Pick Action dropdown to select the action you want, then add the information you need. This example uses Selection in Field

Figure 4: Global Actions

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