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Vizlib KPI Designer Properties - Layers - General Settings

Layers settings are used to add and customize data visualizations within the KPI object.



You can add more than one layer to a sheet, and you can see the number of layers in the KPI object displayed beside the section title in the property panel (Figure 1). The number of layers in the object will be shown in brackets in the header. To add a new layer, click Add Layer, enter the Layer Name and select a layer type from the icon list. You can also copy and paste layers with the Copy Layer and Paste Layer buttons.

Figure 1: Layers

Note: We do not recommend adding more than 10 layers to a KPI object as this can cause issues with performance. You can find more tips on working with KPI Designer in our Best Practice article.

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Layer Types and General Settings

Vizlib KPI Designer supports the following layer types to choose from. Each layer type has a set of distinct properties, which you can read about by clicking the layer name, and also some shared settings.

Bar ChartLine ChartBullet ChartGauge Chart
Master ItemPie ChartIcon Bar

In Vizlib KPI Designer the settings listed here are used by every layer type. 

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For each layer, you can choose a Background Color, set the Background Color Opacity, and set the Padding Width (Figure 2).

Figure 2: Background

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You can enable a Layer Border (Figure 3), and choose the layout with the Border Selector, choose a Border Style, a Layer Border Color, and set the Lay Border Width and Lay Border Radius

Figure 3: Border

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If you Enable Tooltip (Figure 4), you'll be able to enter some Tooltip Text, choose a Font Color, Font Size, Font Style and Font Family

Figure 4: Tooltip

You can also set the Background Color (Figure 5), control the Opacity with the slider, choose a Tooltip Position, and enable Tooltip Fits Window to stop the text being cut off when it's opened at the edge of the sheet. 

Figure 5: Tooltip

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Vizlib Actions 

Vizlib Actions (Figure 6) allow you to apply an action after clicking on the KPI Object. If you click Add Action, you'll open the action settings. Then choose the action you want from Pick Action. You can find out about how to work with Vizlib Actions here

Figure 6: Vizlib Actions

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Position, Visibility

You can use the Position controls (Figure 7) to set the position (X and Y co-ordinates), Width and Height. You can also enter a Visibility condition to show or hide the layer.

Figure 7: Position, Visibility

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