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Vizlib Bar Chart Properties - Legend

You can find Legend settings for Vizlib Bar Chart in the property panel under Colors and Legend



You can display a legend in Vizlib Bar Chart (Figure 1) by setting Show Legend to On. Legend can be shown or hidden. You can select the Legend Position in the chart (Top, Left, Bottom or Right) and choose the alignment using Align. (Top and Bottom legend position can align Left, Center or Right. Left and Right Legend Position can align Top, Center or Bottom). You can choose the Legend Font Color, the Font Size, and choose to Sort Legend By Load order or value (and in ascending or descending order). If dimension values exceed a certain length, you can apply and set a customized character limit with Char limit. You can also select to Show Null Values in Legend and Show Legend Title

Figure 1: Legend

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Figure 2 shows a legend in the Right position, while Figure 3 shows a legend in the Top position.

Figure 2: Legend Right Position

Figure 3: Top Position

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