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Vizlib Sankey Chart - Nodes Styling

Nodes Styling

Here you have the ability to style the nodes of the Sankey Chart (Dimension tiles).


  • Nodes Width 

Sets the node width of the dimension tiles.

  • Distance between the nodes 

Defines how closely the nodes are positioned next to each other (vertically).


  • Border Color 

Defines the border color.

  • Nodes Border Width 

Defines the nodes border width.


  • Node Label Orientation 

You can either display the nodes vertically or horizontally.

  • Node Label Font Color 

Choose the colors of the node label font.

  • Node Label Font Size 

Define the size of the node label font.

  • Node Label Font Style 

Specify the style of the node label font.

  • Label inside the node 

Position the label within the nodes. (Make sure there's enough space, else try changing the orientation to vertically).

  • Prevent Labels Overlapping

Make sure that labels don't overlap with other objects of your Sankey Chart.

  • Node Label Length Limit

If necessary define the limit for labels length. 

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