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Vizlib Activity Gauge Properties - Data and Data Handling


The Vizlib Activity Gauge supports up to one dimension. This makes sense when you only have one metric and you wish to split the dimension into separate rings. You can also define no dimensions.

Labels styling - examples


  • Show labels if necessary
  • Define the font size of the shown Labels
  • Choose the font family or set your own
  • Define the font style
  • Set your own color or enable the color scheme


The Vizlib Activity Gauge Chart supports up to 10 metrics at a time. You can only add one metric if a dimension is added to the visualisation.

  • Format measure as a number
  • Define Max Value
  • Click on the Icons to set the image for a measure
  • Choose Icons Position

Activity gauge with icons - example

Data Handling

  • Suppress Zero Values

If enabled, Arcs with only 0's will be suppressed in the chart. 

  • Calculation Condition

Show/Hide the chart depending on a calculation condition. 

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