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Vizlib Activity Gauge Properties - Dimensions, Measures, Data Handling, Sorting

Data and Data Handling settings control the dimensions and measures in Vizlib Activity Gauge. If you'd like to see how to add dimensions and measures, you can find an example in our setup guide here



Vizlib Activity Gauge supports up to one dimension. This makes sense when you only have one measure and split the dimension into separate rings. You can also define no dimensions. When you add a dimension (Figure 1) you can choose to Include null values, choose a Limitation, show an Arc Label, set the Arc Label Font Color, Font Size, Font Family and Font Style. You can also use a Color Scheme, or define your own color using an expression.

Figure 1: Dimensions

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Vizlib Activity Gauge supports up to 10 measures at a time. You can only add one measure if a dimension is added to the visualisation. When you add a measure (Figure 2), you can customize a Label, choose the Number formatting and set an expression for Max Value

Figure 2: Measures

If you choose to Use Icons (Figure 3), you can select one from the Icon Picker, and choose the Icon Color and Icon Position.

Figure 3: Icons

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Figure 4 shows an example activity gauge which uses labels, and Figure 5 shows one using icons.

Figure 4: Labels

Figure 5: Icons

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Data Handling

Data Handling contains settings relating to the data in the object (Figure 6). You can Suppress Zero Values, enter a Calculation condition using the editor, and also enter a message to display if the calculation is not fulfilled.

Figure 6: Data Handling

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The Sorting tab controls how you order your data (Figure 7) and has a default setting of Auto for both dimensions and measures. You can switch to Custom sorting if you'd like to set your own values and Sort by expression, numerically or alphabetically. 

Figure 7: Sorting

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