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Settings gives you control over Activity Gauge appearance and settings.

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Display Mode

  • Choose Circular/ Radial display mode.

  • Set the thickness of the arcs.
  • For Radial mode - define the custom Angle.

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Reference Lines

  • Reference Lines can be shown or hidden.
  • Choose the values displayed format: Value or Percentage.
  • Set the Line length. 

  • Remaining arcs can be shown as custom color or measure color.
  • Define the opacity and thickness of the remaining arcs to make them more or less visible.

remaining arc with custom color:

remaining arc with measure color:

  • Use the slider to change the arc Radius from sharp squares to round. 
  • Set the Space between arcs to regulate their thickness and distance between them.

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Labels / Background Color

  • Show % labels of the Gauge.

  • Background color can be any color by custom.

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