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Vizlib Activity Gauge Properties - Inner Description


Inner Description

Inner Description helps you to manage the inner objects of your Activity Gauge by adding an icon (or image) and/or style the text (Figure 1). 

Figure 1: Inner Description

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Image/ Icon

To edit the image or icon settings (Figure 2) follow these steps. 

  • Choose the Representation type Icon or Image.
  • Define the Vertical Position of the object.

Figure 2: Image / Icon

  • If you've selected an Icon, choose an Icon from the Icon- Picker (Figure 3). 


Figure 3: Icon-Picker

  • If you've chosen an Image, enter a URL using the expression editor (Figure 4). 

Figure 4: Image URL

  • Set the Size of the object (slider or by expression).


Figure 5: Size

  • If you Icons - choose the color.


Figure 6: Icon Color

Figure 7 shows an example activity gauge using an icon. 

 Figure 7: Icon Example

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To edit the text settings (Figure 8) follow these steps. 

  • Slide the Text settings to Show.

 Figure 8: Text Settings

  • Set the text title Vertical Position. 

 Figure 9: Text Settings

  • Set the Title and Value Labels (Figure 10). 
  • Choose the Title and Value Color.
  • Define the Title and Value Font Size.

 Figure 10: Title, Font Color, Font Size

  • Choose the Title and Value Font Style (Figure 11). 

Figure 11: Font Style

  • Choose the Title and Value Font Family, or define your own (Figure 12).

Figure 12: Font Family

Figure 13 shows an example activity gauge using text. 

Figure 13: Text Example 

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Measured Value

  • To display a measured value, enable the Text Setting (see above), and insert the value expression for the measure into the Value field (Figure 14). 

Figure 14: Enter Value

  • The value should now be displayed within the Activity Gauge object (Figure 15).

Figure 15: Value Displayed

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