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Vizlib Container Grid Troubleshooting - Known Issues / FAQ

When you're working with Vizlib Container it's important to be clear about what you can and can't do. We've collected together any known issues and limitations and listed in this article for you, along with any answers to any other questions you might need.



Known Limitations 

  • Export  - Container within a container. Vizlib Container will only export a chart to the second layer. Any containers added within a further layer will not be exported.
  • Export - Embedded URL. Vizlib Container cannot export data when added to an embedded sheet.

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Resolved Limitations

These limitations have been resolved in version 2.0.0 of Vizlib Container.

  • Vizlib Container does not support printing to PDF.
  • Vizlib Container, if embedded in stories, does not support Snapshot mode. It will show a real-time version of the underlying embedded chart (this may be considered a feature by some).

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