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Vizlib Combo Chart Properties - Data and Data Handling



Vizlib Combo Chart supports one dimension with multiple metrics. In the Data section you can add dimensions or metrics dynamically and decide whether they should be used directly or be added as alternative dimensions.

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  • Include null values

If unchecked, null values will be suppressed in the chart.

  • Limitation

Set the Data Limits by: 

  • setting fixed number( for example, you are only interested in the top 10 values)  
  • defining the exact value 
  • or defining relative value (for example, you only want to show the values above 50%)

  • Calculation Condition

You have the ability to specify calculation conditions.

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  • Number Formatting

You have the ability to specify and customize your number formatting options.

  • Calculation Condition

You have the ability to specify and customize your calculation condition.

  • Show Measure Label

If enabled - shows the Labels of Measures.

  • Representation Type

Choose one of the four representation types - Bar, Line, Symbol, and Icon. You can find more information here

  • Color

Gives you the ability to specify one color for the measures, overriding any global color settings. You can also specify the color using a Qlik expression.

  • Opacity 

Gives you the ability to specify the opacity (100% represents full opacity) for measures.

  • Data Values

Shows/Hides data values for a particular measure. Additional settings on the chart values can be found under appearance.

  • Accumulate Values

Provides you with the ability to accumulate values over the dimension. This is particularly valuable when using time dimensions and you wish to see the increments added up to an overall total at the end of the period. 

  • Custom Tooltip

If enabled, the tooltip appears when hovering over the measure. A small "hover box" with information will be displayed. HTML is supported.

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Data Handling

The Vizlib Combo Chart supports suppression of zero values and overall calculation conditions.

  • Data downloading

Gives you the ability to pre-define the amount of data that is downloaded for the particular combination of dimensions and measures. By default, this is limited to the first 5000 rows.

  • Suppress Zero Values

If enabled, bars containing only 0’s values will be suppressed in the bar chart. 

  • Show

Show/Hide the chart depending on a calculation condition. 

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