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Vizlib Custom Report Properties - Additional Features

This article shows you some additional features and advanced functions to take Vizlib Custom Report to the next level. 


Search, Clear and Mark Objects in Dimensions and Measures List

  • Click the magnifying glass icon to search among your Dimensions and Measures to quickly locate the search value.
  • Use the Clear all selections icon located next to the Dimensions and Measures Headers to clear all selections.
  • Click and drag your cursor over any tags in the list to highlight (mark) them. Once they're highlighted they can be deleted with a single action. 

Figure 1: Search and Clear

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Add Totals to Table and Pivot Table

Clicking the sum icon next to a selected measure adds a new row at the top of the table displaying the sum of the selected measures (Figure 2). 

Figure 2: Adding Totals

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Use Trellis Mode 

If you select a dimension from the selection bar (currently with native table visualizations only), you can enable Trellis Mode to display a separate object for each dimension value (Figure 3). 

Figure 3: Trellis Mode

You can enable a title or a watermark and set how many panels you display. Trellis Mode properties are controlled in Trellis Settings in the property panel (Figure 4).

Figure 4: Trellis Mode Example

Note: Trellis mode is not available for calculated dimensions. 

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Copy a Value or Copy Table 

Copy the value under the mouse cursor by pressing Ctrl + C. A notification will confirm the copied value at the bottom of the screen (Figure 5). 


Figure 5: Copy a Value

Copy the entire data table of the current visualization if it is less than 10 000 cells. Copy table is available through the context (right-click) menu. A notification will appear at the bottom of the screen when the data is exported. Click Copy table to clipboard to copy the table (Figure 6). 

Note: The ability to copy table through the context menu can be disabled in the settings.

Figure 6: Copy Table to Clipboard

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Export to New Application

It is possible to export the current state of a selected data set to a new application. In the new application, master items will be created from your dimension and measures. In Qlik Sense Enterprise the user need to have security rights to create an app for the feature to work. For June 2018 and later releases the new app will open in Generate Insights mode that suggest charts based on the data. 

Use these two steps to create a new app based on the data in your Custom Report.

1. Right-click and select export to new app (Figure 7). Click to open the new app which is now generated.

Figure 7: Export to New App

2. Enable Generate Insights (Figure 8) and select the visualizations you would like to use with the data.

Figure 8: Generate Insights

Note that the feature requires that the user has access and license to create a new application and edit it. 

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Export Data to Template

To export to new application using a template go to Settings --> Experimental settings --> Enable export to Template. This is an unsupported feature but feel free to try it out.

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Export Object to New Sheet

To further develop an object it is possible to export any object created inside the Custom Report to a new object on a new sheet (Figure 9). 

Note: This does required developer privileges and a professional license in Qlik Sense. Simply use the context-menu and choose Export\Export object to new sheet.

Figure 9: Export to New Sheet

It is also possible to add the table as a master item (Figure 10). Click the checkbox and give the master item a proper name. The master item will be created and the new object will be linked to the master item when created on the new sheet.

Figure 10: Add as Master Item

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Customizable Buttons

You can choose to add up to 3 customizable buttons (Figure 11) which allow you to integrate Vizlib Actions into your custom report, including specific export and formatting actions (listed with the prefix CR in the actions list).

Figure 11: Customizable Buttons

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