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  • Show Titles

In the General section, you can add a standard Qlik title, sub-title and footnote for your Vizlib Teamwork Chart.

  • Show Details

Show allows users to choose to view details such as descriptions, measures and dimensions.

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As with all Vizlib Extensions you will have reach formatting options for Vizlib Teamwork. The Appearance section gives you an ability to control the styling.

Collapsed Mode

  • Mode

When enabled - hides the Teamwork Extension from a sheet and replaces it with a dragable icon. If Object mode is set to Visualization - then the icon will be hidden in analysis mode.

  • Collapsed Icon
Collapsed icon can look like Vizlib logo or just be set in a default mode.
You also have an ability to define the shape for both modes and make the icon rounded or squared. 
  • And one more nice feature about the Teamwork Icon: the docking capabilities allow you to move the icon on your sheet to find the best position for it

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Global Theme Colors

  • Main Color

Choose the main color of displaying Teamwork in both modes: expanded and collapsed. 

  • Main Text Color

Set the color of the text on your Teamwork object in expanded mode. For collapsed mode - it defines color of the icon.

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Comments Styling

This sections gives you an ability to style appearance of the comments. You can show or hide: author name, author image, timestamp, comment hover menu and comments icon.


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Visibility Context Menu

Show visibility context menu by clicking on comment.
Such options as: add comments, distribute comments, selection field mode, apply selections, copy shareable link, comment details, delete comment, edit comment can be shown or hidden in the visibility context menu. 

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