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Vizlib Collaboration - Features & Plans Fact Sheet

Vizlib Collaboration Features & Plans Fact Sheet

Vizlib Collaboration product comes with three individual solutions, and one optional server component:

Discuss with Data

Submit New Data

Write & Edit Data

Manage Input Data

Optional & Enterprise-Only)

Vizlib TeamworkVizlib Input FormVizlib Writeback TableVizlib Server

To make our new Vizlib Collaboration solution accessible and affordable to everyone, there are 2 different plans. Vizlib Collaboration Professional offers an economic plug & play version of the solution for small projects and SMB. At the same time, we are offering a comprehensive solution for enterprises with custom on-premise installations, added security capabilities, platform integrations and enterprise support levels called Vizlib Collaboration Enterprise.

Vizlib Collaboration Professional is free to trial, although some enterprise features and capabilities are only available with Vizlib Collaboration Enterprise.

One example of a feature available to Enterprise customers is the ability to host all data and comments offline on your own dedicated servers. You also have the option to display the user name instead of user ID within the comments section in Vizlib Collaboration. For Enterprise customers, we will pick up the User Name from the QRS but for Professional the User ID is used. There is also the possibility to change the User Name in the VMC of Vizlib Server for Enterprise customers. This can be done either manually or automatically if you use a User Directory Connector to map the name from the AD user to the Qlik Sense user. 

For a product demo of all capabilities, features and any other questions, please contact us at


Vizlib Collaboration TrialVizlib Collaboration ProfessionalVizlib Collaboration Enterprise
What is included?
Vizlib TeamworkVizlib Input FormVizlib Writeback Table
Vizlib TeamworkVizlib Input FormVizlib Writeback Table
Vizlib TeamworkVizlib Input FormVizlib Writeback TableVizlib Server
Vizlib Collaboration Limitations
Number of users
Up to 5
Starting from 25
Included Automatically from 200+
Total number of Vizlib Teamwork comments100UnlimitedUnlimited
Visible Teamwork comments in extension10UnlimitedUnlimited
Commentary retention30 daysYesYes
Export Data via User Portal
Support TypeStandardPrioritizedPrioritized
HostingOnlineOnlineOnline or On-Premise
License TypeFor evaluation purposes onlyCommercialCommercial & OEM
Vizlib Writeback Table and Vizlib Input Form Capabilities
Qlik Licenses Supported

Qlik Professional Licenses 

Qlik Professional Licenses 

Qlik Professional, Analyzer and Analyzer Capacity Licenses 

Destination types
  • REST
  • REST
  • REST
  • SQL / Oracle / Snowflake / BigQuery Databases
  • Coming Soon - Redshift
Serverless Writeback   
Insert/Overwrite/Delete/Update Operations 
Writeback Audit Manual ConfigurationManual ConfigurationBuilt-in Full Auditing
Qlik Sense Business & Qlik SaaS Compatibility Only REST & VariablesOnly REST & VariablesOnly REST & Variables
Vizlib Teamwork Capabilities
Chart/Object Level Commentary
Sheet Level Commentary
Private Notes
Selection Sharing(Coming Soon)
Definition of Selections Hierarchy (Documentation)
(Coming Soon)
Bookmarks Sharing
In-App NotificationseMaileMaileMail + Slack + Microsoft Teams
Workflow Support
Mashup Integration Coming Soon
Storing of DataOnlineOnlineOnline/On-Premise/Private Cloud
eMail notification serviceOnlineOnline

Online or On-Premise

Qlik Sense Business & Qlik SaaS CompatibilityNot Applicable
Commentary Selection/Bookmark Level Security
Commentary Selection Security
Commentary Selection Security
Supported via combination of Selection Hierarchies and Section Access
Commentary Level SecuritySupported via certificates & Qlik Security Rules in the QMC
Data Access via Vizlib Management Console (VMC)Via User PortalVia User Portal or hosted Vizlib Management Console
Read/Write/Approver Permission Levels
Custom Collaboration Streams  
Commentary Archiving 
Custom Integrations (Slack, eMail, MicrosTeams)  
Monthly PriceFreeUp to $10 per user per monthEmail Us
Payment OptionFreeCredit Card onlyCredit Card & Invoicing

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