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Vizlib Calendar Properties - Date Settings

Date Settings

The date settings section in the property panel covers how the date field will be formatted and presented.

  • Date Range
    Set the minimum and maximum allowable dates to be used in the calendar. By default, in auto-mode, the min-max available date values are used.

  • Date Format
    Date re-presentation in the input box. By default, the default formatting of the date or the app locale is taken. However, you can change the appearance by selecting a different date format or even write your own custom one.

  • Week Start
    For most users, the week starts on a Monday, however e.g. in Israel, the week begins on a Sunday. This option allows you to switch between the two.
  • Exclude weekends
    This will only display business days in the calendar object.
  • Unlock calendar view
    Normally, when the date range picker is selected, the two adjacent calendar months are consecutive. By unlocking the calendar view, both months become entirely independent.

week starts on monday example:week starts on sunday example:weekends excluded example:
  • Weekday Names
    This setting allows you to show & hide the weekday titles of the days in the calendar. Further to that, there are several styling and formatting settings available to modify the look and feel of the weekday names: day format, label color, background color, font size, font stye.
day format - short, example:
day format - letter, example:

  • Calendar locale
By default, this setting reads your app's locale, however you can overwrite it by defining your own language. The calendar locale sets the language used for year, month and day names.
  • Holidays

Vizlib Calendar supports the use of holidays by formatting those days differently. You can either use the pre-defined set of holidays or add a custom sets of dates yourself. These days will then be formatted differently (background & text color).

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