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Vizlib Calendar Properties - Date Settings, Data Ranges


Date Settings

The Date Settings section (Figure 1) controls how the date field will be formatted and presented. You can customize the Date range, to set the Min Date and Max Date and choose a Date Format from the dropdown. You can also set the Week start day, choose to Hide weekends and Unlock calendar view

Figure 1: Date Settings

You can also choose to display Week day names, select a Day Format, choose a Label Color, Background Color, Font Size, Label Font Style and Calendar Locale (Figure 2), setting the language for year. month and day names. 

Figure 2: Weekday Names

You can also enable Holidays (Figure 3), and enter a comma separated list of dates, setting the Cell background and the Text color

Figure 3: Holidays

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Data Ranges

When you choose to show Date Ranges (Figure 4), you'll be able to set a custom date range, setting the Custom Range Name, the Range Direction, the Date Range Value, and opt to Exclude Weekends. You can also choose a Range Unit and see a Preview the date range label. 

Figure 4: Date Ranges

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