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Vizlib Calendar Properties - Interactivity and Alternate States


Interactivity provides you with a set of options which allow you to control how the user can interact with the Vizlib Calendar.

Allow Selections

Allows the user to make date selections via the calendar object. Deactivating this setting will make the calendar read-only.

Allow Quick-Select

Quick-Select allows the user to make a selection which is passed on to the data model immediately. No confirmation of selections is required.

Persist Dialog

When enabled, dialog in collapsed mode is not closed after apply new selection. Dialog can be closed only by clicking outside of it.

Initial Selections (Experimental)

Set either a fixed date or a date range to be applied by default when the user enters the sheet. This setting is experimental and should only contain dates which are available and selectable in the chosen date field.

Always one selected value (Experimental)

This option is only available for the single date picker. It ensures the user can only select one date at a time. If more than one date is selected, the calendar enforces a selection of the latest date.

Full screen icon

Hide or show Qlik's native full-screen icon.

Snapshot icon

Hide or show Qlik's native snapshot icon. Note: Snapshot icon has been part of the Hover Menu since the Qlik Sense September 2020 release, and is no longer controlled using the property panel. 

Alternate States 

Alternate States permit you to assign the Vizlib Calendar to an alternate selection state. 

If you want to add the object to master visualizations, you need to set State to Inherited.

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