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Vizlib Bar Chart - Changelog

We constantly update and improve all our extensions to deliver new features and fix bugs discovered in previous versions. This page documents all historic changes made to the extension since its initial release.

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v4.3.0 - 28/11/23

New features:
  • [LIB-6217]: Images as dimension labels in chart axis

Bug Fixes:
  • [LIB-13302]: Custom Number Abbreviation Issue

Performance Issues:
  • [LIB-12046]: Low performance when we have an object with a large amount of data

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v4.2.3 - 12/10/23

Bug Fixes:
  • [LIB-13237]: Chart is not displayed when at least 1 condition is not met 

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 v4.2.2  -   22/08/23  

  Bug Fixes:  
  •  [LIB-12849]: Unnecessary space between Y-Axis Title and Y-Axis  

Security update:  

  • Follow the link below for the latest important security updates for Vizlib Extensions.
  • More information...

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 v4.2.1  -   22/05/23  

  Bug Fixes:  
  •  [LIB-12670]: Vizlib Bar Chart Not Loading  
  •  [LIB-12584]: Bar Chart - Defined color for a master item dimension changed after update  
  •  [LIB-12586]: Bar Chart - Tooltip font faded and not clearly visible  
  •  [LIB-12581]: Bar Chart - Show only top condition missing after update  
  •  [LIB-12582]: Bar Chart - Y axis disappeared after update  
  •  [LIB-12583]: Bar Chart - Very light font color and limit to show fix number of ticks is not working after update  
  •  [LIB-12420]: Vizlib KPI Designer - Viztips not displaying in stacked Bar Chart after QS update to Nov2022  
  •  [LIB-12402]: The legend title is not centered  
  •  [LIB-11146]: Full screen icon can't be disabled  

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 v4.2.0  -   15/05/23  

  New features:  
  •  [LIB-12092]: Automatic X-Axis padding  
  •  [LIB-11655]: Scrollbar update   

  Bug Fixes:  

  •  [LIB-12586]: Tooltip font faded and not clearly visible  
  •  [LIB-12431]: Overlap type presentation disappears when enabling Data values for measure  

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 v4.1.0  -   04/04/23  

  New features:  
  •  [LIB-12292]: Force Legend Display  

  Bug Fixes:  
  •  [LIB-12287]: Sorting doesn't work at random when we rearrange the order in the Sorting properties  
  •  [LIB-12275]: Replace values with zeros on X-axis  
  •  [LIB-12271]: Extreme spacing applied to multi-line representation of labels on the X-axis  
  •  [LIB-12270]: Setting the format for positive values doesn't work  

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 v4.0.2  -   30/01/23  

  Bug Fixes:  
  •  [LIB-12005]: Bar Chart v4.0.1 (and v4.0.0) does not display bars in Qlik Container  
  •  [LIB-11992]: Vizlib Bar Chart's (v4.0.0) null values are interpreted in a wrong way  
  •  [LIB-11961]: Vizlib Bar Chart's (v4.0.0) Alternative Dimensions causes the UI to respond unusually.  
  •  [LIB-11946]: Vizlib Bar Chart's (v4.0.0) first dimension label on x-axis showing only ellipsis  
  •  [LIB-11921]: Vizlib Bar Chart's (v4.0.0) percentage type Number format representation is incorrect when enabling 100% stacked Bars  

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 v4.0.1  -   18/01/23  

  Bug Fixes:  
  •  [LIB-11894]: v4.0.0 doesn't keep the Master Measure Item's specified color  

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 v4.0.0  -   28/11/22  

  Bug Fixes:  
  •  [LIB-10307]: Random occurrence of not rendering in customer app  
  •  [LIB-10976]: Export to pdf doesn't work properly for stacked bar chart   
  •  [LIB-11144]: Performance issue  
  •  [LIB-11379]: Tooltip is not displayed when custom color is enabled   
  •  [LIB-11578]: Scroll Preview recalculates every time you switch between sheets   
  •  [LIB-11619]: Incorrect display when having second dimension with symbol representation and Axis range changed   
  •  [LIB-11856]: Alternative Measure titles are not displayed when having multiple dimensions   

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 v3.5.0  -   23/09/22  

  New features:  
  •  [LIB-11446]: Adding qlik.currApp(this) to the Bar Chart Code  
  •  [LIB-5842]: Advanced Master Item Colors for Vizlib Bar Chart   

  Bug Fixes:  
  •  [LIB-11244]: A Bar on an app is overlapping with another Bar  
  •  [LIB-11056]: Incorrect bar chart data displayed in Analysis mode when selection is made  

More information...
 v3.4.0  -   04/05/22  

  Bug Fixes:  
  •  [LIB-11049]: Vizlib Bar Chart Legend Sorting Issue  
  •  [LIB-10949]: VL Bar Chart. Incomplete Rendering of Visualizations using NPrinting  

More information...
 v3.3.3  -   05/04/22  

  Bug Fixes:  
  • [LIB-10980]: Data Value appears to be cut off and doesn't fully show  
  • [LIB-10869]: Selection/deselection stops working after sending chart image via Teamwork on Bar Chart

More information...
v3.3.2  -   17/03/22  

  Bug Fixes:  
  •  [LIB-10763] & [LIB-10597]: Sorting of Bars isn't correct when 'Suppress zero value' enabled  
More information...
 v3.3.1  -   21/02/22  

  New features:  
  •  [LIB-8728]: Total Function Improvements  

  Bug Fixes:  
  •  [LIB-10816]: Bar chart as master item inside a KPI Designer  
  •  [LIB-9624]: Legend Scroll   

More information...
 v3.3.0 - 21/12/21

 New features:  
  •  [LIB-10528]: New Bar Chart Wizard 

More information...
 v3.2.1  -   24/11/21  

  Bug Fixes:  
  •  [LIB-10500]: Console Error   
  •  [LIB-10437]: Editing Color Scheme  
  •  [LIB-10409]: Measure Number Formatting  
  •  [LIB-10408]: Dragging Measure in Properties Panel  
  •  [LIB-9489]: Mouse Scroll Behavior  

More information...
 v3.2.0  -   25/10/21  

  New Features:  
  •  [LIB-9818]:  Master Measure Number Formatting  

  Bug Fixes:  
  •  [LIB-10320]: Secondary Measure Number Formatting.  
  •  [LIB-10297]: Measure Color in Legend  
  •  [LIB-10072]: Reference Line Display  
  •  [LIB-6172]: Symbols Value Display  

More information...
 v3.1.3  -   26/08/21  

  Bug Fixes:  
  •  [LIB-9940]: Conversion From Qlik Native Bar Chart  
  •  [LIB-9925]: Performance After Upgrade  
  •  [LIB-9723]:Viztips Error Message  
  •  [LIB-9700]: Gradient Color Scheme  
  •  [LIB-9643]: Symbol Position is Wrong  
  •  [LIB-9742]: Number Format Abbreviation   
  •  [LIB-9698]: Secondary Axis Display  

More information...
 v3.1.2  -   20/07/21  

  Bug Fixes:  
  •  [LIB-9654]: Dimensions Dynamic Labels  
  •  [LIB-9317]: Auto Scale of Axis  
  •  [LIB-9563]: Chart Not Rendering  
  •  [LIB-9020]: Data Values Formatting
    Data values formatting doesn't respect formatting set  by Num() function. 
  •  [LIB-9490]: Data Values Formatting  

More information...
 v3.1.1  -   05/07/21  

  Bug Fixes:  
  •  [LIB-9362]: Number Formatting   
  •  [LIB-9505]: Custom Max and Min Display  
  •  [LIB-9495]: Overlapping Value Labels  
  •  [LIB-9353]: Tooltip Display  
  •  [LIB-8911]: Bar Chart in Qlik Container   
  •  [LIB-8875]: Viztips Display   
  •  [LIB-8531]: Icons and Data Values Display  

More information...
 v3.1.0  -   27/04/21  

  New features:  
  •  [LIB-8559]: Hide Null From Legend   

  Bug Fixes:  
  •  [LIB-8630]: Dimension Title in Trellis Container  
  •  [LIB-8519]: Error in Total Display  

More information...
 v3.0.0  -   08/04/21  

  New features:  
  •  [LIB-8257]: Bar Chart Wizard  

  Bug Fixes:  
  •  [LIB-8591]: Chart Display is Stuck  

More information...
 v2.9.0  -   24/03/21  

  New features:  
  •  [LIB-8544]: Context Menu Enhancements
    All users can now make changes to chart display, without going into edit mode or maximizing the chart.
    These new capabilities will allow users to drilldown into data, highlight the data values to gain knowledge and much more.
    Users are able to control these settings:
    - chart type from Stacked to Grouped drilling down into the data.
    - Show\Hide of values of the different measures
    - Chart display: Horizontal\Vertical
    - Show\Hide of Axis and Legend
  •  [LIB-8314]: Selection in Read Only Mode
    Selections are still possible via legend, although the chart is set to read only

  Bug Fixes:  
  •  [LIB-8624]: App Numerical Abbreviations   
  •  [LIB-8322]:Hiding Y-Axis in Trellis Container  
  •  [LIB-8719]: Y-Axis Ticks Format  

More information...
 v2.8.0  -   21/01/21  

  New features:  
  •  [LIB-7835]: 100% Stacked Mode  

  Bug Fixes:  
  •  [LIB-7940]: Duration Format Axis Display  
  •  [LIB-7983]: Axis Wrong Display  
  •  [LIB-7966]: Axis Tick Value Rounded  

More information...
 v2.7.0  -   04/12/20  

  New features:  
  •  [LIB-7534]: Viztips support for Master Item Layers  

  Bug Fixes:  
  •  [LIB-7216]: Totals Display in Stacked Mode  

More information...
 v2.6.3  -   26/10/20  

  Bug Fixes:  
  •  [LIB-7364]: Columns Display in Version 2.6.2  
  •  [LIB-6163]: Alternative Dimension Display  

More information...
 v2.6.2  -   05/10/20  

  New features:  
  •  [LIB-5990]: Display only total value on stack bar  

  Bug Fixes:  
  •  [LIB-5992]: Tooltip in mobile view  
  •  [LIB-6965]: Stacked mode disable property   
  •  [LIB-7063]: Bar colors display  

More information...
 v2.6.1  -   23/09/20  

  Bug Fixes:  
  •  [LIB-6860]: Invalid visualization error appears intermittently   
  •  [LIB-6773]: Stacked bar "no data to display" message was not being shown  
  •  [LIB-6734]: "Access is denied"error when changing dimensions on Qlik Sense Enterprise published apps  

More information...
 v2.6.0  -   11/08/20  

  New features:  
  •  [LIB-5635]: Tooltip improvements  

  Bug Fixes:  
  •  [LIB-6322]: Bar Chart Master Item issues  
  •  [LIB-6294]: Incorrect tooltip values with custom axis scales  
  •  [LIB-6266]: Hiding measures in bar chart causes unnecessary spacing   

More information...
 v2.5.4  -   15/07/20  

  Bug Fixes:  
  •  [LIB-6471]: "Error in data" message displayed when measure is hidden  

More information...
 v2.5.3  -   13/07/20  

  Bug Fixes:  
  •  [LIB-5896]: Vizlib Bar chart not always rendering when there is conditional selection  
  •  [LIB-5893]: Axis Currency Format doesn't work anymore  
  •  [LIB-4282]: User gets stuck after selecting a measure in the bar chart  

More information...
 v2.5.2  -   02/06/20  

  Bug Fixes:  
  •  [LIB-5954]: Rebrand changes caused some existing charts with no custom color set to change color  

More information...
 v2.5.1  -   04/05/20  

  Bug Fixes:  
  •  [LIB-5573]: Scroll preview Incomplete when using custom colors  
  •  [LIB-5359]: Duplicated values in tooltip with single measures  
  •  [LIB-5209]: Column "2" shifts to column "1" location when column "1" has null value   
  •  [LIB-5379]: Legends colours do not appear Vizlib Bar Chart 2.3.3c  
  •  [LIB-5380]: Number formatting separators not appearing as set in load script  
  •  [LIB-5432]: Y-axis labels font size updated when number of bars change  

More information...
 v2.5.0  -   30/04/20  

  New features:  
  •  [LIB-5166]: Add Support for Viztips  

More information...
 v2.4.0  -   20/03/20  

  New features:  
  •  [LIB-5302]: Property Panel Search  

More information...
 v2.3.5  -   17/03/20  

  Bug Fixes:  
  •  [LIB-4333]: Not taking full width of the sheet  
  •  [LIB-4399]: Too much white space under the x-axis in horizontal mode  
  •  [LIB-4392]: Axis not displayed or too small in Horizontal mode  
  •  [LIB-4327]:  Bars displayed only when they touch the top border  
  •  [LIB-4310]: Alternative dimensions dropdown unavailable when bar chart is a master item  
  •  [LIB-4480]: Duplicates values on the Bar Chart Tooltip  
  •  [LIB-5128]: Console errors after adding second Dimension to Bar Chart  
  •  [LIB-5208]: Duplicated Symbol values and representation  

More information...
 v2.3.3  -   04/02/20  

  Bug Fixes:  
  •  [VSP-1218]: Bar Chart Data Values show NaN error  

More information...
 v2.3.2  -   14/11/19  

  Bug Fixes:  
  •  [VSP-1087]: Custom Min Y-axis range changes the displayed values on the bars  
  •  [VZB-2406]: Colors disappeared  

More information...
 v2.3.1  -   29/10/19  

  Bug Fixes:  
  •  [VZB-2318]: Tooltip colors not matching bar color  
  •  [VZB-2350]: Bar chart paint / print fix  

More information...
 v2.3.0  -   15/10/19  

  New features:  
  •  [VSP-971]: Add option to disable the sum of positives label when we hover over the dimension  

  Bug Fixes:  
  •  [VSP-959]: Bar Chart overlaping doesn't work  
  •  [VSP-948]: Barchart bars start at the end of the axis instead of the front  

More information...
 v2.2.2  -   09/10/19  

  Bug Fixes:  
  •  [VSP-938]: Alternative Dimension missing label names   
  •  [VSP-932]: Drilldown Icon Incorrect  
  •  [VSP-925]: Scale ignores set value  
  •  [VSP-920]: Negative values not displayed correctly  
  •  [VSP-912]: no data error when running story export  

More information...
 v2.2.1  -   03/10/19  

  Bug Fixes:  
  •  [VSP-887]: Bar Chart produces blank NPrinting output  
  •  [VSP-910]: Master item labels were not displayed  
  •  [VSP-871]: Some bars are missing when over 300 bars are used (with scroll enabled)  
  •  [VSP-840]: Axis labels shortened when Bar Chart inserted inside a Container Grid  

More information...
 v2.2.0  -   26/09/19  

  New features:  
  •  [VSP-825]: Stacked Barchart show all values in tooltip  
  •  [VSP-682]: Stacked Bar Chart - Label Totals  
  •  [VSP-587]: Vizlib Bar Chart implement time/duration formatting for y-axis values  

  Bug Fixes:  
  •  [VSP-826]: Bar turns black when gradient is enabled and one value is selected  
  •  [VSP-601]: Y Axis Min Custom formula on the Vizlib Bar Chart breaks/reverses the y-axis  
  •  [VSP-90]: Allow master item label as measure title (instead of expression as title)  
  •  [VZB-2194]: Double width bar of a measure at the first value of a dimension in bar chart  

More information...
 v2.1.1  -   13/09/19  

  Performance Issues:  
  •  [VSP-849]: Browser slows down when the Vizlib Bar Chart is small  

More information...
 v2.1.0  -   20/08/19  

  New features:  
  •  [VSP-507]: Add "multi-line horizontal format" option for dimension labels in Vizlib Bar Chart  

  Bug Fixes:  
  •  [VSP-751]: Disabling the Zero Values hides bars    
  •  [VSP-749]: Incorrect rounding on the displayed values   

More information...
 v2.0.1  -   25/07/19  

  Bug Fixes:  
  •   [VSP-585]: 2 measures with negative/positive values not correctly represented/scaled  
  •   [VZB-1852]: Memory Optimisation  

More information...
 v2.0.0  -   26/06/19  

  New features:  
  •   [VZB-1347]: Implement Connected Bars feature  
  Bug Fixes:  
  •   [VSP-558]: Color reverse not working for Mini chart   
  •   [VSP-583]: Table conversion from Vizlib Bar Chart isn't like for like  

More information...
 v1.12.1  -   25/06/19  

  Bug Fixes:  
  •   [VZB-1504], [VZB-1505]:  Qlik Sense June 2019 support  

More information...
 v1.12.0  -   23/05/19  

  New features:  
  •   [VZB-1363]: Add show values feature for icons and symbols

  Bug Fixes:  
  •   [VSP-520], [VSP-473 : Some Bar chart data values appear outside object area  
  •   [VSP-452]: Scroll for legend not working on mobile  
  •   [VZB-1225], [VSP-509] : Qlik Sense April 2019 Support  
  •   [VSP-511]: Cannot change Bar chart mode between stacked/group  
  •   [VSP-390]: Vizlib Bar Chart does not use number format provided  
  •   [VSP-438]: Vizlib Bar Chart missing some stacked bars inside minichart preview  

More information...
 v1.11  -   02/04/19  

  New features:  
  •   [VSP-248]: Support for custom numerical abbreviations  

  Bug Fixes:  
  •   [VSP-359]: Dimension Axis label not visible in IE  
  •   [VSP-382]: Vizlib Bar Chart missing data on last bar when stacked  
  •   [VSP-397]: Bar Chart data values coloring not applied  
  •   [VSP-355]: Vizlib Bar Chart radius issues  
  •   [VSP-394]: Bar chart "line" marker does not work in group mode  
  •   [VSP-385]: Bar tooltip does not work when custom bar colour is in use  

More information...
 v1.10.2  -   11/03/19  

  Bug Fixes:  
  •   [VSP-298]: Static min/max in Vizlib Bar chart exceeds set value  

More information...
 v1.10.1  -   25/02/19  

  Bug Fixes:  
  •   [VSP-84]: Label angle/direction display issue  
  •   [VSP-223]: Static min bug in Vizlib Bar Chart  
  •   [VZB-696]: Bar Chart symbols not perfectly centered   
  •   [VZB-772]: Bar chart doesn't work on IE  

More information...
 v1.10.0  -   08/02/19  

  New features:  
  •   [VSP-181]: Added responsive mode (small, medium, large) for auto-font size data values  

  Bug Fixes:  
  •   [VZB-684]: Fixed some issues when converting the bar chart from other objects  
  •   [VSP-208]: Some options were not applied when extension created with vizualisation API  
  •   [VZB-595]: Legend missing for single color bar  

More information...
 v1.9  -   31/01/19  

  New features:  
  •   [VZB-286]: Added icons, symbols for legend  
  •   [VZB-444]: Add data points shape for legend  

  Bug Fixes:  
  •   [VZB-509]: Minichart renders incorrectly when switching orientation  
  •   [VZB-507]: Minichart is missing in MS edge  
  •   [VZB-505]: Bug in MS edge where legend appears on top of minichart  
  •   [VZB-581]: Incorrect value in tooltip if benchmark is applied  
  •   [VZB-318]: Legend alignment with gradient not working  
  •   [VZB-578]: Missing settings in reference for benchmark  
  •   [VZB-560]: Visual errors produced on property panel change  
  •   [VZB-556]: Bar chart preview is incorrect  
  •   [VZB-557]: Benchmark width doesn't work in horizontal  
  •   [VZB-562]: There is no possibility to have symbols and icons separately  
  •   [VZB-575]: Different standard for opacity  
  •   [VZB-577]: Underline for dimensions/ measures label doesn't work  
  •   [VZB-579]: Tooltip sometimes appears at top left corner  
  •   [VSP-159]: Bar Chart Slider disappears when click outside slider  
  •   [VSP-152]: Bar chart legend order not working properly  
  •   [VZB-376]: Alternate State is not saved when Qlik Sense is reloaded.  
  •   [VSP-167]: Alternate popup dimension selection fails when secondary axis used  
  •   [VSP-168]: Rendering fails when measure switched to secondary axis  

More information...
 v1.8.1  -   13/01/19  

  Bug Fixes:  
  •   [#VZB-317]: Alternate state panel component inconsistency  
  •   [#VZB-214, #VSP-125, #VZB-311, #VZB-301]]: Corrected console errors in some scenarios  
  •   [#VSP-140, #VZB-303]: 'Cannot read property of isOn of undefined' and Cannot read property 'orientation' of undefined  
  •   [#VSP-120]: legend colours not in order when suppress zero values  
  •   [#VSP-80, #VSP-81]: the bar chart is not rendering when the num formatting is invalid  

More information...
 v1.8  -   18/12/18  

  New features:  
  •   [#162604302]: Add support for as many bar chart measures as possible (100)  

  Bug Fixes:  
  •   [#161144307, #162728236]: Accumulate values engine Error  
  •   [#159953062]: Corrected unexpected behaviours when calc condition =0  
  •   [#159928795]: fixes. on num formatting 
  •   [#162728245]: calc cond. not evaluating expression  
  •   [#161307815]: values position on the inside it places the values in the middle of the axis  
  •   [#161085289]: tooltip is sometimes displayed outside the screen  

More information...
 v1.7.1  -   20/11/18  

  Bug Fixes:  
  •   [#162085339]: minor corrections on prop panel calc cond handling  

More information...
 v1.7  -   07/11/18  

  New features:  
  •   [#161646670]: add custom color control when 2 dims + 1 measure  
  •   [#161086778]: Possibility to add legend title  
  •   [#160763441]: support ColorMix  
  •   [#161795625]: added asc/desc sort order for the legend  

  Bug Fixes:  
  •   [#161111229]: The legend is not correct if it has a / in the label name  
  •   [#160578805]: There is no possibility to scroll all items in legend  
  •   [#160579720]: issues with responsive labels font size when showing data values on bars  
  •   [#160648536]: Stacked bar chart - negative values are displayed above 0 x-axis  
  •   [#161112776]: Benchmark issues for more than the 1st measure  
  •   [#161113046]: If benchmark and drill down are applied, selection doesnt work  
  •   [#161173193]: The sorting  legend was not always working properly.  
  •   [#161749021]: Minor changes on the property panel visible components.  
  •   [#161778212]: Message for display condition not fulfilled is not evaluated  
  •   [#161778117, #161315565, #161342876]: Corrected consistency with color tiles and tooltips  

More information...
 v1.6  -   23/10/18  

  New features:  
  •   [#161256976]: implement ppt/pdf printing  

More information...
v1.5.1 20/09/2018 

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed wrong position of tooltips in mashups with scrollbars.
v1.5  16/09/2018

New Features: 
  • Added option to define custom tooltips (with HTML support) on each measure.

Bug Fixes:   

  • Auto formatting was not getting applied on bar data values.
  • Fixed wrong tooltip position when the browser has horizontal scroll bar.
v1.4.1  12/09/2018

Bug Fixes:
  • Bar chart was exceeding range limit in some scenarios.
  • Bar chart color expression was returning some undesired color in some situations.
  • Fixed some rendering issues in QS Desktop.
  • Bar tooltip was in the wrong position when using the browser scroll.
v1.4 09/09/2018 

New Features:   
  • Added option to define color of null bars/segments.
  • Improved conversion from native bar chart -> vizlib bar chart.

Bug Fixes:   

  • Fixed data handling data limit. In some scenarios was not loading all the data and leaving a white screen on the bar chart.
  • Markers/symbols were too small in the minimap.
  • Barchart stop rendering after selecting a vizlib filter in some scenarios.
v1.3  20/08/2018

New Features:   
  • Big performance improvements on both minicharts and chart rendering (specially visible on IE).

Bug Fixes:   

  • Disabled selections for null values (was returning a Qlik engine error when selected).
  • Show Data Values was not available when the vizlib bar chart was converted from the native.
  • Null values in 2nd dimension had a black background instead of stripes (like in 1st dimensions).
  • When the x-axis was disabled the whole chart was not rendering properly.
  • Fixed number formatting.
  • Data values text cuts in some scenarios.
  • Legend tiles labels text cuts in some scenarios.
  • Show all data values was not downloading all Qlik data pages (when bigger than 5k data rows).
v1.2.14  14/08/2018

Bug Fixes:
  • Selections don't work when calc condition is on 1st position.
  • Barchart bars collor was incorrect when the 1st measure was disabled via calc condition.
  • Bar chart was disappearing when x axis was hidden.
  • Reduced margin on the legend.
v1.2.13 10/08/2018 

Bug Fixes:
  • When date values were placed at the bottom it was overlapping with the x-axis.
  • Data handling calc condition message was not supporting expressions.
  • Dimension title from a Master Item dimension, was not inheriting the label attribute.
  • When in horizontal mode, 0 values were getting cut-off.
  • Outter right reference line labels was overlaping the secondary-y axis.
  • Tooltip tile was not inheriting the color opacity.
  • When using symbols/markers on a measure, the tooltip was appending a text with the measure position: '/#'
  • Data handling > Show all data was not loading all the data pages.
  • Legend labels were getting cut-off.
  • Implemented some performance improvements around the minimaps.
v1.2.12  05/08/2018

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed inconsistency on the color tiles of the legend for measures with custom color.
  • A tooltip was sometimes being displayed at the top left hand side corner of the screen.
v1.2.11 01/08/2018 

Bug Fixes:
  • Alternative measure labels were not resolving expressions within variables.
v1.2.10  27/07/2018

Bug Fixes:
  • When the bar color in measure was set to custom, the legend tile was not getting updated.
  • When the bar had a null value in Safari the background was white. 
v1.2.9 24/07/2018 

Bug Fixes:
  • When the same expression was entered twice with the same label it was not identified as a new expression.
  • Negative stack bars were not rendered properly.
v1.2.8 19/07/2018 

Bug Fixes:
  • The Bar Chart was not working when placed on the same sheet as the Vizlib Sankey Chart.
  • Legend tile was not inheriting the bar opacity.
  • Legend align was not working in Qlik Sense Desktop.
  • Tooltip data was showing a different format than the axis in some scenarios.
v1.2.7 05/07/2018 

Bug Fixes:
  • Tooltip was misplaced sometimes when the Bar Chart was embedded into an iFrame.
  • Opacity was not applied to legend tiles for 1dim + n measures.
  • Bars misplacement on secondary axis when the formatting settings was changed.
  • Corrected y/y2 axis label placement wherein sometimes it was overlapping the axis.
  • Improved the smart position of data values (added option to always show data values and not hide them).
v1.2.6 03/07/2018 

Bug Fixes:
  • Dimension label was overlapping the axis sometimes on IE.
  • Wasn't updating some data points after applying a selection on IE.
  • Fixed visualisation issues in stack mode for null values.
  • Data values font size was too small on IE in some scenarios.
v1.2.5  27/06/2018

Bug Fixes:
  • Bar opacity slider was not working.
  • Fixed formatting consistency between data values and tooltips.
  • Fixed issue when adding more than one measure in QS 3.2.
v1.2.4 07/06/2018 

Bug Fixes:
  • The legend option was not available anymore on the property panel and in newly created bar charts.
v1.2.3 04/06/2018 

Bug Fixes:
  • In some scenarios in combination with other Vizlib Extensions, the tooltip was showing a string HTML color instead of the actual color.
  • Expressions on measures & dimension titles was showing an expression and not the evaluated title.
v1.2.2 29/05/2018 

Bug Fixes:
  • Legend labels were not displayed when using a custom color palette.
  • Enhanced UX on the property panel around Single color mode in the Color & Legend section.
v1.2.1 25/05/2018 

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed BarChart sorting where in some scenarios were not sorting properly.
v1.2 23/05/2018 

New Features:         
  • Secondary Axis is now available.
  • Color dimension values by color palette.
  • Sort the Legend Items based on the x-Axis.

Bug Fixes:         

  • Tick Count was fixed.
  • Some Formatting Options were fixed.
  • Stability of data values was improved.
v1.1.3 11/05/2018 

Bug Fixes:
  • IE11 compatibility issue fixed.
  • Fixed issue empty values in dimensions would generate unexpected behaviour of the Bar Chart.
v1.1.2 05/05/2018 

Bug Fixes:
  • When data values was enabled, some margin was added in the y-axis showing negative values on the axis despite not having negative values.
v1.1.1 04/05/2018 

Bug Fixes:
  • when data values are vertical are not being shown in edit mode.
  • prevent to click/select on null values as engine return error otherwise.
  • popup shows HTML text color instead of the actual color in some scenarios.
v1.1 22/03/2018

New Features:             
  • Added new reference line label position: Outside.
  • Added outline labels in reference lines with rich styling (border thickness, background, color, etc.).

Bug Fixes:              

  • Fixed code collision with Vizlib Filter where the two extensions won't render together.
v1.0  14/03/2018

First Release.
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