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Contacting Vizlib Support

Vizlib Support can be contacted via our portal, where you can view and manage all of your tickets, or, directly via email at One of our agents will respond to you regarding your ticket.

Feature requests should be raised via the Vizlib Community (requires a Vizlib account).

Bugs can be raised in the community or via normal support channels (portal and email). A support ticket is required for a bug request. Bugs reports will be tested against the latest version of the extension in the case, users may be required to upgrade to a newer version (check what the latest versions are here) if the issue has been fixed or the issue cannot be reproduced on the latest version. In the rare case that an issue persists, the case may require a screen share call (WebEx) to progress further. Our core support team is UK based, we offer EU & US working hours for support.

A reminder may be sent to you if we are waiting for a response and do not hear back from you. Please let us know if the case can be closed or click the close button in the portal to avoid reminders being sent. It is our aim to maintain frequent communication with customers who have questions or report bugs, so that we can support you during your data visualisation journey.

Tracking tickets

Tickets can currently be tracked by the individual ticket requester, we hope to have a company-wide option for ticket visibility in future. Our current structure is required for us to meet global security standards. We aim to improve this in future with the option for companies to have their tickets shared across accounts and visible to their colleagues.

Receiving regular updates

To receive our monthly updates, you just need a Vizlib Account, which is automatically added to our mailing list. To keep up to date with the latest releases, please click follow on our What's New page.

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