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Vizlib Button Properties - Interactivity, Vizlib Actions, Alternate State


Vizlib Actions 

The best way to make the most of Vizlib Button is to use Vizlib Actions, with multiple actions can be used on a single button (Figure 1). You can add actions in the Button Items section of the property panel. Click Add Action to start, and then select an action from the Pick Action dropdown. 

Figure 1: Vizlib Actions

We've use cases for actions you can use on Vizlib Button in Table 1

Table 1: Actions Use Cases

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Interactivity settings (Figure 2) allow you to control how users interact with your Vizlib Button in analysis mode. You can enable Animations to improve the user experience by highlighting button actions, selecting from the On Hover and On Click dropdowns.  If you enable Allow Overflow, buttons will appear outside of the object boundaries. Selecting Disable Export to hide the export button, and enable a Tooltip to display the button label or name on cursor hover. 

Figure 2: Interactivity

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Alternate State

Alternate State (Figure 3) allow you to set an alternate states to assign the  object  to an alternate selection state. 

You can find more information about working with alternate states here

Figure 3: Alternate State

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