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Teamwork Workflows enables comments to be visible to different users depending on the Workflow State. A user with an Approver role can transition a comment from Workflows States. 

NOTE! Workflows are available from v.1.3.0+ of Vizlib Server and Vizlib Teamwork. 

Configure Workflows in Vizlib Management Console (VMC)

Navigate to the Workflows section in the VMC under Teamwork Settings. 

 Use the inputs to configure the Workflows States.


Label of the Workflow State


Colour of the icon of the Workflow State, click coloured square to display a colour picker


Icon of the Workflow State. Click icon to display an icon picker


Default is the State that new comments will be set to when added to a stream


Comments with the State Visibility set to Limited will only be visible to the author of the comments and users with the Approver role in the Workflow

Add Workflow State

Add a Workflow state by clicking the Add State button. 

Remove Workflow State

Remove a Workflow state by clicking the X button in the Remove column. A workflow needs to have at least 2 states.

NOTE! Remember to save your changes before you proceed.

Manage Workflow Roles

To manage Workflow roles click the Manage Roles button for the Workflow you would like to configure. A modal with the current roles of each user in your Qlik Sense environment.

Select the users to change roles. Choose the role in the New workflow role dropdown and click the Change Workflow Role button. 

The user list is updated with the changed roles for the selected users.

Configure Stream with Workflow

To enable the Workflow for a Teamwork Stream, navigate to the Streams and Security Section and choose the Workflow for the stream in the Workflow dropdown.

NOTE! It’s not recommended to have different Workflows configured for multiple streams using the same Workspace.

NOTE! Remember to first save your changes, and then restart before you proceed.

Using Workflows in Teamwork

Workflow state will be visible on comments in Streams configured with a Workflow. Icon and State label is displayed under the comment.

Users with the Approver role in the Workflow have the ability to change the Workflow State of other users’ comments. Click the Workflow icon in the button group that appears when hovering over a comment. 

Choose the state you want the Workflow to transition to.

When a comment transitions to a state with Visibility set to All, the comment becomes visible to all users in the Stream.

NOTE!  When a user edits a comment it will revert back to the Default Workflow State. E.g. Under Review.

Download Vizlib Teamwork here.

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