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In the Vizlib Custom Report, it is now possible to use a search bar instead of/or in combination with the left-hand menu of dimensions, measures, and other settings.

The setting to turn on this feature is here: 

Basic settings for analytic search is also located in the same section. 

When Auto-complete is on, Custom Report will automatically interpret the text input without waiting for the users to press Enter. "Delay" is the time between the last keyboard input and the evaluation of the text. Auto-complete is by default set to "Off".

Note that suggestions for dimensions, measures and visualizations is always on and selecting from this list will automatically evaluate the text regardless of the auto-complete setting. 

Settings for the color and visual design of the Search-bar is set in the Appearance where Analytic Search has a separate section:

Selecting visualization

Visualizations can be selected by simply typing the name of the visualization in the search-bar. 

Once there, the visualization can also be switched using the pop-up menu.


All dimensions used can be filtered just like any dimension in Qlik. Use the pop-up and select the filter-icon. Make selections like any normal Qlik filter and don't forget you can also use features like search, "select all" and "select possible" inside the filter selection.

Disable measures and dimensions

When a measure or dimension does not fit within the restrictions of a chosen visualization it will be automatically disabled. To enable it, use the toggle-button.

Voice Search (Speech-to-text)

To use the voice search function, press the microphone button and speak clearly. 

Whenever you stop speaking the speech will be written as text in the search bar and any recognized dimensions, measures and visualization names will be picked up. If no speak is detected the previous search will be left as is. Just like with the written text it will not always require an exact match and anything recognized can be changed manually after the result is displayed. 

To add more it is possible to click the microphone again and ,if needed, clear the selection with the x to start over.

Tips: For the best result always use a headset or high quality microphone. Pronounce clearly and speak slightly slower than usual to get the best result.

(Also check the limitations sections at the bottom of this article.)

Tips and Tricks!

Hide the left hand menu. Use this setting in the property panel:

Hide the visualization icons or turn them into a drop-down

In a combo-chart. Use the icon on a measure to change the visual representation between bar, line and icon and select which axis it should use.

Limitations for Analytic Search

Defaults, Presets and bookmarks do not yet work fully.
Voice recognition only works for English language and only in Chrome browsers!

Not tested for Qlik Cloud.

For Qlik Sense Cloud installations the increased delay in response time may lead to visualizations sometimes not rendering. This is typically when using both Analytic Search and menu selections in combination.

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