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Vizlib Writeback Table - Custom Styling

Custom Styling

If you'd like to apply your own styling to your data, Vizlib Writeback Table contains a Custom Styling panel, with functions to help modify and control presentation and color branding. 

Custom Styling - Default

The setting for Custom Styling is set to the Default (Figure 1). You can see that in row 7 the cell is highlighted in the same colour as the header (Vizlib Blue). 

Figure 1: Default Custom Styling

Custom Styling - Custom 

  • To start using custom styling, toggle the Custom Theme slider to the right to allow you to edit the Custom properties (Figure 2).

Figure 2: Custom Styling Commands

There are 3 color types you can select and adapt for custom styling. .

  • Custom Color - the color used to highlight each row currently selected. 
  • Column Header Background - the color used for the background of each column header.
  • Column Header Text - the color used for the text in each column header. 

There are 2 methods of customising a color (Figure 3). 

Figure 3: Custom Styling Selection

  • Select a Custom Color using the color palette by clicking on the dropdown and clicking on a position in the color matrix. 
  • Open the expression editor and enter the hex code for the color you want to change. In figure 3, for example, the color used for column headers is listed as #000000, which is the hex code for Black.

You can see an example of custom styling being applied in Figure 4. You can see that the Custom Color highlighting row 5 has changed to green, and the Column Header Background has also been changed to green. 

Figure 4: Custom Styling Applied

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