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Vizlib Selection Bar Guides - Getting Started

Follow these instructions to create a Vizlib Selection Bar. Figure 1 shows how selections can be applied, with lists displayed in Fields, Variables Flags and Date Ranges. 

Figure 1: Selection Bar Example

  • Select the type of list you need (Field, Variable, Flag or Date Range Picker)
  • Enter a reference to:
    • Field - Any field or an expression that works as a dimension.
    • Variable - An existing variable created either in the script or the GUI. Variables are entered in a comma separated list.
    • Flag - Select a field that has a country name corresponding with the flag names. Check the list of flags as the flag and flag name have to be a perfect match.
    • Date Range Picker - A date field with a "complete" set of dates with no gaps in the timeline. It uses the DateFormat variable to parse the dates and when selections are made. If the Today expression is left blank it defaults to Now().
  • Add a field label
  • Add an initial selection if you want. This will also work with expressions such as "=Year(Today())-1". You can set initial selections to be updated once per session or every time you move to a sheet.

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