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Vizlib Server - Changelog

We constantly update and improve all our extensions to deliver new features and fix bugs discovered in previous versions. This page documents all historic changes made to the extension since its initial release.

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Note: Vizlib Server cannot be rolled back to the previous version when an update is completed. We advise making a full backup of the current version before you proceed with an update. To learn more about Vizlib Server, visit the homepage here.


v4.5.0 - 12/09/22

New features:
  • [CLB-3627]: [Enterprise & Cloud] Silent installation improvements
  • [CLB-3575]: Logs Browser access for Content Admins

Bug Fixes:
  • [CLB-3350]: Server restart improvement
  • [CLB-3778]: Error: Http auth controller refreshToken failed with error: Unauthorized inside Logs Browser
  • [CLB-3808] & [CLB-3772] : Vizlib Silent installation
  • [CLB-3779]: Snowflake Integration with proxy issues
  • [CLB-3822]: Config import doesn't work
  • [CLB-3849]: Teams Integration not working while using proxy
  • [CLB-3745]: Writeback Destinations - Integration Error Although Destination set to Public
  • [CLB-3646]: BigQuery connector error (lost file bigQuery-1.json) after upgrade VL Server to 4.2.0

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v4.4.2 - 07/09/22

Bug Fixes:
  • [CLB-3810]: Vizlib Server: Websocket error when connecting from Writeback extension.

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v4.4.1 - 25/08/22

Bug Fixes:
  • [CLB-3816]:  Upgrade from versions < 4.0.0 issues

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v4.4.0 - 01/08/22

Bug Fixes:
  • [CLB-3192]: [Writeback] Search in Writeback Audit is case sensitive
  • [CLB-3347]: [Writeback] Dynamic tags - Year tag is broken
  • [CLB-3509]: [Writeback] Some QVD data sources were not filtered out when creating destinations

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v4.3.1 - 05/07/2022

Bug Fixes (Enterprise Version Only):

  • [CLB-3721]: [VMC] - Finance Report Schedules - unable to create new reports or edit existing ones 

    Version 4.3.0 had a defect which was preventing new finance report schedules from being created. It was also not possible to edit existing ones.

v4.3.0 - 04/07/2022

New Features (Collaboration Enterprise Customers Only): 

  • [CLB-3292]: [Writeback] Loop and Reduce - with loop values from source app dimension 
    In the initial version when defining the Loop and Reduce tasks user had to manually enter (or paste) loop values. It is now possible to select a dimension from which those values will be automatically fetched. This will be particularly useful when needing to loop through many values. 
  • [CLB-3716]: [Server for SaaS] Cloud automations - API update after Qlik release 
    Recently Qlik has officially released the official version of the automations API and some changes were required on our side due to that. 
  • [CLB-3348]: [Writeback] Destination time zone
    This feature allows you to specify the time zone in which dates are going to be saved. Current implementation was assuming that all dates with time were written in GMT+0, which could cause issues for some users. A new setting allows you to specify, that saved dates are saved according to the destination (e.g. Postgres database) time settings. Setting is available under Default Settings inside Vizlib Management Console and applies to all Destinations configured.
  • [CLB-3455]: Installer improvements
    We added several smaller improvements to the installer including better port number validation, check for provided password strength and link updates.  
v4.2.2 - 07/06/2022

Bug Fixes (Qlik Cloud Version Only):

  • [CLB-3601]: Issues while logging in to the VMC by using OAuth

    When the token expired it was no longer possible to log in. The issue was visible when signing in with Qlik Cloud and the trying to access again after the session had ended.

  • [CLB-3601]: Config import is not working

    Due to issues with validation of the API key imports of configurations did not work.

v4.2.0 - 16/05/2022

New Features (Collaboration Enterprise Customers Only): 

  • [CLB-2884]: MSSQL Integration - Windows Authentication support.
    Allows to connect to MSSQL databases with Windows Accounts.
  • [CLB-3238]: Finance Report Scheduler.
    Schedule delivery of Finance Report to the right audience with an automatic task.

Bug Fixes (Collaboration Enterprise Customers Only):

  • [CLB-2468]: Teamwork Mentions - Very slow to find a match when typing username.
    In setups which large users volume, mentions were working slow. That has been optimized now.
  • [CLB-3387]: Writeback Audit export - Loading indicator is still visible after exporting to CSV.
  • [CLB-3477]: Vizlib Log File consuming lots of space on disk.
    In some scenarios log files generated by Vizlib Server were consuming lot of space on a disk. We introduced rotation mechanism which will prevent this from happening.

v4.1.3 - 20/04/2022

Bug Fixes (Collaboration Enterprise Customers Only):

  • [CLB-3532]: Snowflake Integration - Proxy support fix
    Fix for case when port parameter was not accepted properly by snowflake-sdk.

v4.1.2 - 13/04/2022

Bug Fixes (Collaboration Enterprise Customers Only):

  • [CLB-3532]: MS Teams Integration - Proxy support 
    It is now possible to configure MS Teams Integration in the Vizlib Management Console while using http(s) proxy. 
  • [CLB-3532]: Snowflake Integration - Proxy support  

v4.1.1 - 5/04/2022

Bug Fixes (Collaboration Enterprise Customers Only):

  • [CLB-3501]: Installation issues with Vizlib Server 4.1.0
    There were issues with the previous Vizlib Server version due to dependencies update for Postgres DB and Snowflake SDK.

v4.1.0 - 24/03/2022 [Removed from download due to serious bug - Hotfix to be released]

New Features (Collaboration Enterprise Customers Only): 

  • [CLB-2992]: Upgrade Postgres SQL to version 14.1.1
    The default database installed with Vizlib Server will be automatically upgraded to newer Postgres SQL version during this update.
    Note: this will not affect external databases connected to the Vizlib Server nor external DB chosen during the installation.

Bug Fixes (Collaboration Enterprise Customers Only):

  • [CLB-2907]: [VMC] Security Rules search engine does not work for some resource types.
    Searching for Resource ID sometimes did not return any results. (Only related to some resource types)
  • [CLB-3031]: [VMC] Security Rules, creating new security rule can fail when there is a child group.
    When a child groups was created sometimes an error message with "validation error..." would show up. The validation message is now more user friendly.
  • [CLB-3037]: [VMC] MS SQL Integration - instance name fix.
    Use of instance name would break the connection to MSSQL Server.
  • [CLB-3057]: [Vizlib Server] Extension Server URL custom property in QMC is getting changed without any actions.
    There was an issue with using http that could get changed to https.
  • [CLB-3066]: [Vizlib Server] Writeback - cannot create table with without at least one column connected to data model.
    The issue was reported for Snowflake but could happen with other integrations too.
  • [CLB-3340]: [VMC] Random errors displayed after performing a server restart.
    Related to the user login and more specifically was an issue for non-admin users.
  • [CLB-3381]: [Vizlib Server] Silent installation fixes.
    Postgres connections would sometimes get set up incorrectly.
  • [CLB-3409]: [Vizlib Server] Writeback - Validate Fields does not work properly with QVD destinations.
    Validation of fields did not work properly for QVDs and would throw an "Export failed" message.
  • [CLB-3336]: [Vizlib Server] Security Rules - Entered values are not trimmed.
    That could cause unexpected behaviors when copy & pasting values with additional whitespace characters.

v3.8.0 - 25/01/2022

New Features (Collaboration Enterprise Customers Only): 

  • [CLB-2992]: Export Writeback Audit log.

v3.7.0 - 1/12/2021

Bug Fixes (Collaboration Enterprise Customers Only):

  • [CLB-2414]: Vizlib Server - General improvements to error handling
  • [CLB-2984]: Server-side Writeback - "Table already exists" error thrown when writing to snowflake destination
  • [CLB-3168]: VMC Dashboard - Cannot connect to QES for rim nodes

v3.6.1 - 15/11/2021

Bug Fixes (Collaboration Enterprise Customers Only):

  • [CLB-3170]: Email Integration - Connection to local SMTP server fails.

v3.6.0 - 10/11/2021

New Features (Collaboration Enterprise Customers Only):
  • [CLB-2880]: Additional Security settings including TLS version, HSTS, XSS and CRSF tokens.

    [CLB-2877]: Node.js version upgrade to 12.22.3.

    [CLB-2893]: Improvements to Writeback Destinations page.

    [CLB-3046]: Oracle Writeback Destinations - support for schema names. 

    [CLB-2878]: Installation - support for using existing database. 

v3.5.1 - 21/10/2021

Bug Fixes (Collaboration Enterprise Customers Only):

  • [CLB-3067]: [Writeback] - Decimal numbers are written to QVD as text while using comma as decimal separator.

v3.5.0 - 04/10/2021

New Features (Collaboration Enterprise Customers Only): 
  • [CLB-1926]: Vizlib Management Console - Improvements to Qlik Sense section (engine port).
  • [CLB-2933]: Silent Installation - Support for adding certificates (pfx, pem format) as parameters.  

Bug Fixes (Collaboration Enterprise Customers Only):

  • [CLB-2998]: Bug in Lock Groups after config import

v3.4.1 - 20/09/2021

Bug Fixes (Collaboration Enterprise Customers Only): 
  • [CLB-2922] Fix for Writeback Delete operation not working for server side destinations

v3.4.0 - 07/09/2021

Bug Fixes (Collaboration Enterprise Customers Only): 
  • [CLB-1321]: Vizlib Management Console (VMC) - Visual Improvements
  • [CLB-2212]: VMC - Teamwork Workflows Screen Redesign
  • [CLB-2783]: VMC - Logs Browser Style Changes  

v3.3.2 - 11/08/2021

Bug Fixes (Collaboration Enterprise Customers Only): 
  • [CLB-2855]: Socket disconnected error pops out during bulk edit on larger data sets

v3.3.0 - 09/08/2021

New Features (Collaboration Enterprise Customers Only): 
  • [CLB-1824]: Writeback - improvements for SQL autogenerated columns.  

Bug Fixes (Collaboration Enterprise Customers Only): 
  • [CLB-2694]: Special characters in stream/integration ID break possibility to edit them

v3.2.0 - 07/07/2021

New Features (Collaboration Enterprise Customers Only): 
  • [CLB-2457]: Support for silent installation.  
  • [CLB-2648]: Vizlib Management Console v1.4.0 including new options for resource management. 

Bug Fixes (Collaboration Enterprise Customers Only): 
  • [CLB-2642]: Adding faulty slack integration can corrupt VMC.

v3.0.1 - 16/06/2021

Bug Fixes (Collaboration Enterprise Customers Only): 
  • [CLB-2753]: Slack Integration - Proxy Support.

v3.0.0 - 27/05/2021

New Features (Collaboration Enterprise Customers Only): 
  • [CLB-1008]: Vizlib Management Console - Comments browser, column picker and additional columns for app name and sheet name. 
  • [CLB-2478]:  Vizlib Management Console - New look and feel for Integrations page.

Bug Fixes (Collaboration Enterprise Customers Only): 
  • [CLB-2711]: Issues after editing main db integration.
  • [CLB-2621]: Vizlib Management Console - Empty destination list for content admin users.
v2.7.0 - 22/04/2021

New Features (Collaboration Enterprise Customers Only):

  • [CLB-741]: Change VMC admin credentials in VMC

Bug Fixes (Collaboration Enterprise Customers Only):

  • [CLB-2594]: VMC -  Modal not closing when navigating from Teamwork streams to the users page

v2.6.0 - 18/03/2021

New Features (Collaboration Enterprise Customers Only): 

  • [CLB-2225]: New Server Version Notifications

Bug Fixes (Collaboration Enterprise Customers Only): 

  • [CLB-2420]: VMC -  No horizontal scroll for writeback audit trails with lots of columns
  • [CLB-2496]:  Creating an integration from a writeback destination view is not working
v2.5.1 - 24/02/2021

Bug Fixes (Collaboration Enterprise Customers Only):
  • [CLB-2437]: Newly created finance and teamwork workspaces cannot be picked while editing streams

v2.5.0 - 23/02/2021

New Features (Collaboration Enterprise Customers Only):
  • [CLB-1871]: Vizlib Management Console - Multi user access with roles and security levels

Bug Fixes (Collaboration Enterprise Customers Only):
  • [CLB-1896]: Unable to find data source when using QVD destination type through Vizlib Server
  • [CLB-2235]: Setting invalid certificate breaks possibility to login to VMC (using HTTPS or HTTP)
  • [CLB-2366]: Creating or updating streams / destinations improvements
  • [CLB-2404]: Importing config with advanced security rules clears conditions
  • [CLB-2406]: No toast on delete stream error

v2.4.0 20/01/21

New Features:
  • [CLB-1889]: [Enterprise only] VMC integrations and destinations management improvements
     A massive improvement has been introduced to the VMC. You can now manage integrations and writeback destinations without having restart the server. Changes are applied instantly and take effect without having to reload the Qlik Sense dashboard.

Bug Fixes (Collaboration Enterprise Customers Only):
  • [CLB-2229]: [Writeback Table] Setup issues when configuring REST destination.

 v2.2.0  -   30/11/20  

Bug Fixes (Collaboration Enterprise Customers Only):
  • [CLB-2139]: [Input Form & Writeback Table] Fix when using server side destinations with reload tasks.

v2.1.0  -   04/11/20  

New features:  
  • [CLB-1799]: [Form & Table] New Writeback Destination - Oracle.  
  • [CLB-1965]: [Table & Form] Audit columns for server side destinations.  
  • [CLB-2096]: [Table & Form] Automatically lock server side destinations when writeback is performed.

Bug Fixes:  
  • [CLB-2044]: [Table & Form] When writing back to SQL destination Timestamp column is empty.  
  • [CLB-2110]: [Table & Form] REST destination issue with basic authorization token. 

v2.0.0 - 23/09/2020

New Features:
  • Support for Vizlib Input Form and Vizlib Writeback Table.
  • New sections in VMC for configuring Writeback destinations.

v1.7.1 - 16/09/2020

Bug Fixes (Collaboration Enterprise Customers Only):
  • [CLB-1896]: Unable to find data source when using QVD destination type through Vizlib Server
Note: Vizlib Server Update from version 1.7.0 to 1.7.1 required for the fix to apply.


First Release.

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