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Vizlib Gantt Properties - Custom Events, Custom Milestones

Vizlib Gantt now supports Custom Items, which are visual components you can add without opening Edit mode (Figure 1). You simply right-click on the chart and make your selection. There are 2 types of custom events, Custom Events and Custom Milestones

Note: To use custom event objects, please turn off touch screen mode in your Qlik Sense environment. 


Figure 1: Adding a Custom Event 

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Adding a Custom Item

  • Right-click on the chart and select Add Custom Item (Figure 2).
  • Click on the item you want to add - Milestone or Event

Figure 2: Add Custom Item

  • When the  screen opens, add the properties for your item. Figure 3 shows the screen for a custom event. 

Figure 3: Add New Event 

  • Add a Start Date and End Date, and type in a Label name. 
  • Select values for a  Phase and select a Group (attaching an item to a group is optional). 
  • Click Submit, and you'll return to the chart where the event has been added (Figure 4). Because we've not selected a group, it's been added as part of the phase. 

Figure 4: Event Added

The process for adding a custom milestone also follows these steps, the only difference is that you'll add a single date rather than a start and end date. 

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Custom Event Objects - Property Panel

After you've added a custom event or milestone you can manage their properties in Custom Event Objects (Figure 5) in the property panel. As well as editing the label and dates, you can choose a Type (the example shows a milestone displayed as an image), the image size, and choose to display the label and / or tooltip. 

Figure 5: Custom Event Objects

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Custom Event Objects - Reference Lines

Reference Lines can be added as a custom event object (Figure 6) for a specific a date or timestamp. The example here shows a vertical reference line Phase 1 Handover with a Value (Date/Timestamp) of 05/02/2017. You can enter a Reference name, select a Color and enable the display with Show label

Figure 6: Reference Line

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