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Vizlib Live - Introduction

Vizlib Live! - the Power of Now

Vizlib Live! allows users to view and interact with live data, without leaving Qlik Sense. 

We'll show you how to use the live query data engine of Astrato, also built by Vizlib, to deliver the power of now for Qlik Sense Enterprise and Qlik SaaS users where speed to insight and decision-making are paramount. 

Vizlib Live! delivers:

  • a no-code way for Qlik Sense Enterprise and Qlick SaaS users to view and interact with live data held in their Snowflake Data Cloud. 
  • real-time access to your live data without the need for ETL processes 
  • the ability to explore REALLY BIG data sources with Qlik’s in-memory analytics and Astrato’s powerful live query data engine
  • a familiar method for Qlik users to produce the pixel-perfect data stories you need to share.


High-level requirements

In addition to your Qlik account, your checklist for success includes:

  1. an account to access your live data in the cloud (Google Big Query or a Snowflake account
  2. an Astrato Account (from to create your pixel-perfect live data story, to view and share in Qlik
  3. a Vizlib Live download from the  Vizlib portal (from where all our extensions for Qlik Sense and Qlik SaaS are available.

Trial accounts and free plans are available for all the products required

Getting Started with Vizlib Live!

Vizlib Live! How to video

Vizlib Live! getting started video

Complete checklist for using Vizlib Live

This checklist takes you through all the steps required, including where role permissions in Qlik, Snowflake, and Astrato may affect your initial set-up. 

Role permissions in Vizlib are linked to Qlik, and Astrato permissions can be managed directly or use enterprise authentication.

  1. Qlik role with access to the QMC, and permission to download the Vizlib Live extension. (Alternatively a locally installed Qlik Sense Desktop.)

  2. Can create a Snowflake account and use data in the cloud.

  3. Can create an Astrato Account.

  4. Understand and apply Astrato administration options for users and Embed.

  5. Can connect their data in Snowflake to use in Astrato.

  6. Can create a Workbook in Astrato and publish it.

  7. Can create the Embed link in Astrato.

  8. Enter the details in Qlik Sense Enterprise or Qlik SaaS.

  9. Download Vizlib Live.

  10. Enter the details of your Astrato tenant.

  11. The iframe link can pass through to Qlik and Vizlib Live.

  12. Enter your Snowflake table details in Vizlib Live.

Creating your Astrato workbook 

Once your accounts are created, you can add links for the content you want to share in Vizlib Live!

  1. Start in Astrato by allowing the connection to your Qlik domain. From the lobby sidebar, click Administration, click Embed, click the Allow list tab, click Add and enter your domain address for your Qlik server.
  2. In Astrato connect to your live data source. From the lobby sidebar, click Data, click Create new data source, and click Snowflake, enter the required details. Of the data connections available in Astrato, we recommend using Snowflake with Vizlib Live.
  3. Create your workbook - enjoy creating your pixel-perfect workbook, and explore how working with live data benefits your business. 
  4. Publish your workbook to a collection, now you're ready to create the link to your live data in Vizlib Live!
  5. Use the Embed feature to generate the link to view and interact with your data story in Qlik. You can select a single data object, a group, or the whole sheet to share in Qlik.

Qlik Sense Enterprise setup for Vizlib Live

  1. Download the Vizlib Live extension.
  2. Decide whether you want your users to interact with the live data in a new Qlik application or use an existing one. 
  3. Open your app, click Add data, select Snowflake from the connections list, and enter the connection details. Test the connection, and click Create. 
  4. In your Qlik sheet, click Edit, drag, and drop the Vizlib Live extension onto the sheet. 
  5. From the left toolbar, paste the embed link in the field Astrato Embed URL. Your live data story built in Astrato begins to render in Vizlib Live.

Qlik SaaS setup for Vizlib Live

  1. From Astrato, copy your <tenant name>

  2. In your Qlik Management Console, navigate to the Content Security Policy, click Add and paste the web address for your Astrato workbook in the Origin field.

  3. Within that area, click Directive, navigate to frame-src, and click Add to add your web address, for example,

  4. Complete the steps as described for Qlik Sense Enterprise.

Allowing User interaction with your Vizlib Live content

  1. In your Qlik Sheet, drag and drop a Vizlib Filter, and assign the same dimensions to it, as the ones used in the Astrato workbook.
  2. In the Property Panel, click the Data tab, in the Dimension area, enter the dimension used in Snowflake and Astrato. 
  3. In the fields Schema, View and Name - enter the details from your table data in Snowflake. The table details are visible when you create the embed link in Astrato.

Please note: the content in these fields must be exactly the same - case sensitive and they must match any spaces in the names.

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